JEOL - Systems for X-ray Fluorescence Analysis (RFA)

Systems for X-ray Fluorescence Analysis (RFA)

JEOL is one of the largest manufacturers of energy dispersive X-ray analysis systems and also offers powerful systems for X-ray fluorescence analysis.

X-ray fluorescence analytics is used for the highly sensitive detection and quantification of elements. The systems are also qualified for the analytics of elements, which were restricted based on the RoHS directive (e.g. Cd and Pb).



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  • JEOL JSX-1000S ElementEye™

    JEOL JSX-1000S ElementEye™

    The JSX-1000S is our latest development in benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. It has a sophisticated new design built for easy operation, high throughput and improved sensitivity.

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Second-hand Equipment

Second-hand Equipment

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