XPS and Auger Analysis

JEOL JAMP-9510F Auger Micro Probe


JEOL JAMP-9510F Auger Micro Probe

The new field emission Auger probe JAMP-9510F, with 8 nm, offers the best lateral analytical resolution worldwide. In addition, the resolution of 3 nm in imaging mode highlights the benefits of a field emission beam source as compared to conventional LaB6 sources.

The JAMP-9510F achieves very small beam diameters at very high beam currents of up to 500 nA by using a low aberration condenser lens with the overlay of an electro-static field and a magnetic field, combined with a patented "in-lens" Schottky field emission source.

With the JAMP-9510F, a state-of-the-art ion source is for the first time being used for fast de-sputter and also for the neutralization of charges. This new ion source makes analysis of insulating specimen easy.

The JAMP-9510F is destined to produce high-resolution SEM images, Auger images, line profile analyses and depth profile analyses even during ion etching.

The electron spectrometer is an electrostatic, semi-spherical analyzer (HAS) with a multi-channel detector, optimally designed for Auger analyses, i.e. optimal energy resolution without loss of sensitivity.

A user-friendly and simple control system, along with flexible optional equipment, rounds the system out and makes the JAMP-9510F a universal device.


Electron optics

Electron source

Field emission source (in-lens Schottky)

Acceleration voltage

0.5 to 30 kV

Specimen current

10-12 to 5 · 10-7 A

Specimen current measurement

either Faraday cup or specimen stage, selectable

Objective aperture

4-stage, motorized

Analysis system


Hemispherical, electrostatic analyzer


Multi-channel detection with channeltrons, seven channels


≥ 840,000 cps (7 channels)

Vacuum system

Pressure in the analysis chamber

≤ 5 · 10-8 Pa (optional: ≤ 1.3 x 10-8 Pa)

Specimen stage

Stage Movement

X: -48 mm to +10 mm

Y: ± 10 mm

Z: ± 6 mm

T: 0 to 90°

R: 360° (endless)

Options (selection)

  • Large specimen stage (max. 95mm diameter)
  • Back scattered electron detector
  • Specimen cooling and specimen fracturing device
  • Specimen heating
  • Additional specimen parking station

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