Electron Beam Microprobes Analyzers

JEOL JXA-8230 Superprobe


JEOL JXA-8230 Superprobe

Based on long-lasting experience and the continuous exchange of information with users, the JEOL Superprobe JXA-8230 provides optimum results for a wide range of applications in analytics and imaging.

The system includes an integrated JEOL EDS system, which permits combined EDS/WDS analyses with little operational effort. The EDS system acts as kind of an additional WDS spectrometer and includes an input aperture system to optimize the EDS system for the high beam currents and the associated high count rates that are typical in WDS analytics. As an option, a LN2-free EDS detector (SDD) is available as well.

The electron optics of the JXA-8230, which is the fifth generation of the Superprobes, has been optimized for analysis and offers versatile automatic functions (auto focus, control of contrast and brightness, astigmatism correction). A significantly expanded depth of focus can be adjusted very easily through a unique LDF (large depth of focus) and MDF (maximum depth of focus) mode.

The Superprobe JXA-8230 can be equipped with up to 5 WDS spectrometers in total, in addition to the EDS system. Three different spectrometer types with special crystals are available for the combination of all possible applications.

  • XCE spectrometer with 2 crystals and high spectral resolution
  • XCE-FCS spectrometer with 4 crystals and high spectral resolution
  • H-type spectrometer for high intensities and rapid mapping

An integrated, optical microscope (OM) with TV camera and a variety of specimen stages allow for simple analysis, even of large specimen. The convenient software simplifies even complex analyses as well as the imaging of the obtained results.


Electron optics

Electron source

W- or LaB6 emitter (option)

Acceleration voltage

0.2 to 30 kV

Specimen current

10-12 to 10-5 A

Beam current stability

±0.05% / h, ±0.3% / 12h

Resolution in SE image

6 nm


x40 to x300,000

Analysis system

Number of spectrometers

1 to 5

Detectable element range

5B to 92U (optional: Be to U)

Wavelengths range

0.087 to 9.3 nm

EDX system


Options (selection)

  • LN2-free detector system for EDS analysis
  • Specimen stages for large and very large specimen
  • Auto-focus for the optical microscope
  • Transmission illumination for the optical microscope
  • Software for spectral de-convolution, thin film analysis, particles analysis and others uses
  • EBSD
  • Cathode luminescence

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