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JEOL JXA-8530FPLUS Field Emission Electron Probe Microanalyzer


JEOL JXA-8530FPLUS Field Emission Electron Probe Microanalyzer

The JEOL JXA-8530FPlus is a third-generation electron beam microprobe that comes with enhanced analytical and imaging capabilities, delivered by an improved electron optical system. The In-Lens Schottky FEG combined with new software provides higher throughput. This new cutting-edge FE-EPMA also adopts a highly-expandable multipurpose chamber. Incorporating various functions, the JXA-8530F Plus meets a variety of demands of users while maintaining high stability, thus allowing a wider range of EPMA applications to be achieved with higher resolution.

This microprobes is the perfect analyzer for university, laboratories as well as public R&D sites.


  1. JEOL In-lens Schottky FEG
    The JEOL In-Lens Schottky Plus FEG EPMA version, with an optimized angular current density, allows for analysis with a large and variable adjustable probe current from 1 nA up to >2 μA. The resolution of secondary electron image has been improved even under analytical conditions by automatically adjusting the correct convergence angle.

  2. Advanced software
    A wealth of Microsoft Windows®-based advanced applications systems are available, including:

    a) Trace Element Analysis Program for simpler, optimized analysis of trace elements including adding data collected from up to 5 spectrometers
    b) Phase Map Maker for automatic creation of phase maps based on principal components
    c) Non-Flat Surface Analysis Program for automated WDS analysis of specimens with surface irregularities.

    Notices: Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

  3. Flexible WDS-spectrometer configuration
    Various X-ray spectrometers (WDSs) can be selected (2 crystal or 4 crystal spectrometer, spectrometer optimized for trace elements or high count rates). Also a huge variety of different Analyzer crystals is available. Users can select from these spectrometers depending on requirements.

  4. Combined WDS/EDS system
    The JXA-8530F Plus comes with JEOL’s 30 mm2 silicon-drift detector (SDD). A high count-rate SDD along with an in-situ variable aperture enables EDS analyses at WDS conditions. EDS spectra, maps and line scans can be acquired simultaneously with WDS data.

  5. Multipurpose chamber
    The JXA-8530F Plus is equipped with a highly expandable specimen chamber and specimen exchange chamber, enabling you to integrate a variety of optional attachments on the chamber.

    These include:
    • Electron Backscatter Diffraction System (EBSD)
    • Cathodoluminescence Detectors (panchromatic, monochromatic, full color hyperspectral)
    • Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer
    • Air Isolated Transfer Vessel
    • High Etching Rate Ion Source

  6. Powerful clean vacuum system
    A powerful, clean vacuum system is employed on the JXA-8530F Plus, including two magnetic-levitation turbo molecular pumps. In addition, a two-stage intermediate chamber is provided for the electron optical column, thus maintaining high vacuum in the electron-gun chamber by differential pumping.

  7. Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer (SXES)
    Already frequently in use, JEOL’s ultra-high energy-resolution Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer enables unprecedented chemical state analyses and trace element analyses. The variable-line-spacing (VLS) grating enables simultaneous detection (much like EDS) and allows detection of Li-K and B-K spectra with a high-sensitivity CCD. This spectrometer achieves superb energy-resolution, enabling detailed chemical-bonding state analysis.

  8. miXcroscopy (Correlative microscope)
    Regions of interest, along with X-Y stage coordinates, located in the optical microscope can be recorded and transferred to the EPMA for navigation to the desired location for imaging and analysis.


Electron optics

Elemental analysis range

WDS: (Be) B to U, EDS: B to U

X-ray spectrometry range

WDS spectrometry range: 0.087 to 9.3 nm
EDS energy range: 20 keV

Number of X-ray spectrometers

WDS: 1 to 5 selectable, EDS: 1

Maximum specimen size

100 mm × 100 mm × 50 mm (H)

Accelerating voltage

1 to 30 kV (0.1 kV step)

Probe current stability

± 0.3%/h

Secondary electron image resolution

3 nm at WD 11 mm, 30 kV
20 nm at 10 kV, 10 nA, WD 11 mm
50 nm at 10 kV, 100 nA, WD 11 mm


x40 to x300,000 (WD 11mm)

Scanning image pixel resolution

Up to 5,120 x 3,840

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