Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)

New Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope JEOL JSM-7200F – Multi-purpose FE-SEM combining high-resolution and easy operation


JEOL JSM-7200F – Multi-purpose FE-SEM combining high-resolution and easy operation

Scanning electron microscopes have been used in a wide range of fields and for diverse applications. The JSM-7200F utilizes JEOL proprietary in-lens Schottky Plus technology that allows improvement in the resolution at low accelerating voltages (1.6 nm @ 1 kV), and achieves maximum probe current of more than 300 nA. The JSM-7200F is a multi-purpose FE-SEM that can satisfy a wide range of needs with both higher resolution and easier operation than conventional instruments.


  1. High resolution
    High resolution of 1.6 nm (at 1 kV), 1.2nm (at 30kV)

  2. High-speed analysis
    Maximum probe current of more than 300 nA, allowing short acquisition time for EDS, WDS, and EBSD, while maintaining high resolution.

  3. Energy signal differentiation
    Incorporation of the TTL (through-the-lens) system in the standard configuration enables the use of energy filtering to selectively differentiate the electron energies.

  4. Wide area analysis
    The LDF (large depth of field) mode enables applications like wide-area EBSD analysis, without the need to use stage scan (montage)



1.6 nm (at accelerating voltage 1 kV),
1.2 nm (at accelerating voltage 30 kV)
3.0 nm (at accelerating voltage 15 kV, WD 10 mm,
probe current 5 nA / Analysis condition)


×10 to ×1,000,000

Imaging modes

Secondary electron image, Backscattered electron image, Transmitted electrons (optional)

Accelerating voltage

0.01 to 30 kV

Probe current

1 pA to > 300 nA

Electron gun

In-lens Schottky field emission gun

Motor control

5-axis motor drive stage

Stage movement

X: 70 mm Y:50 mm, Z: 2.0 to 41 mm
Tilt: – 5 to 70°, Rotation: 360° endless

Specimen exchange chamber

Included in the standard configuration

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