Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM)

JEOL JSM-7900F Field Emission SEM


JEOL JSM-7900F Field Emission SEM

The JSM-7900F Field Emission SEM is a uniquely flexible platform that combines the ultimate in high resolution imaging with unparalleled nano scale microanalysis. This tool excels in lightning fast data acquisition through simple and automated operation.

Applications include imaging and analysis of metals, magnetic materials, semiconductors, ceramics, medical devices, and biological specimens.

At the heart of this premier microscope is the new electron optical system, NeoEngine, that significantly enhances alignment accuracy, optimizes probe diameter at all conditions, and simplifies observation for all levels of operators.

A powerful new navigation system, Smile Navi, guides the operator through the data acquisition process. The novice can master basic SEM operation steps and an online training guide provides comprehensive support.


  • Probe current ≥ 500nA for ultrafast analyses
  • New high sensitivity BE detector providing exceptional performance at low accelerating voltages
  • Set of in-lens detectors for ultra-low-kV imaging
  • GBSH-S (GENTLEBEAM™ Super High mode) enabling high resolution imaging at extremely low accelerating voltages (down to 10V)
  • In-lens Schottky Plus field emission electron gun and low aberration condenser lens provide higher levels of brightness.
  • Super Hybrid Lens (SHL) to support ultra-high resolution imaging and analysis of various samples ranging from magnetic materials to insulators.
  • Ample probe current is available at low accelerating voltage, enabling surface sensitive high speed elemental mapping.
  • A new sample exchange system is designed to change samples in a safe, speedy, seamless manner through simple operation.



0.6 nm (15 kV), 0.7 nm (1.0 kV), 1.0 nm (0.5 kV)
3.0 nm (5 kV, probe current 5 nA, WD 10 mm)


×25 to ×1,000,000

Electron gun

In-lens Schottky plus field emission electron gun

Accelerating voltage

0.01 kV to 30 kV

Probe current

A few pA to 500 nA

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