Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

JEOL JEM-1010 Transmission Electron Microscope


JEOL JEM-1010 Transmission Electron Microscope

The JEM-1010 is a cost-effective and powerful high-resolution electron microscope with an acceleration voltage up to 100 kV. There are three different objective pole pieces available for the JEM-1010: a high contrast pole piece for optimum specimen contrast with superb brightness and resolution, a high tilt pole piece, and as a high resolution pole piece with a resolution exceptional for this microscope class. The pole pieces can be easily exchanged as required.


  • User-friendly interface with many automated functions
  • Completely rotation-corrected lens system
  • Adjustable image rotation for specimen orientation
  • Minimum dose system
  • As a standard with dual specimen holder
  • Tiltable specimen goniometer
  • High performance vacuum system permits the use of an LaB6 cathode
    without additional modifications


Electron optics

Electron source

W- or LaB6 emitter (optional)

Acceleration voltage

40 to 100 k

Point resolution

0.40 nm (HC pole piece)
0.45 nm (HT pole piece)
0.30 nm (HR pole piece)

Line resolution

0.20 nm (HC pole piece)
0.20 nm (HT pole piece)
0.14 nm (HR pole piece)

Magnification range

x50 to x600,000 (HC pole piece)
x50 to x500,000 (HT pole piece)
x50 to x1,000,000 (HR pole piece)

Specimen stage


Side-entry goniometer

Stage movement

X: 8.5 mm
Y: 2 mm
Z: ±0.5 mm
T: ±20° (HC), ±60° (HT), ±25° (HR)

Options (selection)

  • LaB6 cathode
  • Cryo systems
  • CCD camera
  • EDX systems

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