Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

JEOL JEM-1400Flash Electron Microscope


JEOL JEM-1400Flash Electron Microscope

The JEM-1400Flash is used in a wide range of fields, such as biology, nanotechnology, polymer, and advanced materials research. In order to increase the ease of use and as well as to support higher-throughput imaging, JEOL has released a new 120 kV electron microscope, the JEM-1400Flash. Equipped with a seamlessly integrated high-sensitivity sCMOS camera, a new ultra-wide area panorama system and a new correlative microscopy function, the JEM-1400Flash once more pushes the boundaries of electron microscopy.


  1. High-sensitivity sCMOS camera, "Matataki Flash"
    The new "Matataki Flash", JEOL’s innovative high-sensitivity sCMOS camera, dramatically reduces the readout noise even when recording at high frame rates. This powerful feature enables high-throughput acquisition of pristine TEM images with extremely low-noise.

  2. New function: Ultra-wide area panorama system, Limitless Panorama (LLP)
    In addition to the conventional electromagnetic image shift, the JEM-1400Flash is equipped with a montage system which additionally utilizes the movement of the stage. Utilizing this system, it is now possible to capture ultra-wide panorama images over the entire sample area. Combining the limitless panorama function with the new "Matataki Flash" sCMOS camera enables automatic acquisition of ultra-wide area panoramic images at unprecedented image resolution.

  3. New function: Correlative microscopy
    A digital image acquired with an optical microscope can be seamlessly overlaid on a TEM image. Finding regions of interest, often easily visible in fluorescence images, is now easier than ever.



0.2 nm (HC) 0.14 nm (HR)

Accelerating voltage

10 to 120 kV


×10 to ×1,200,000 (HC), ×10 to ×1,500,000 (HR)

Max. tilt angle

±70° *With the optional high tilt specimen holder

Number of specimens to load

Up to 4 *With the optional specimen quartet holder

Vacuum system

Oil-free pumping system for the elctron optical column

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