Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

JEOL JEM-120i Transmission Electron Microscope


JEOL JEM-120i Transmission Electron Microscope

Electron microscopes are used in a wide range of fields - from biotechnology to nanotechnology to polymers and new materials. As the range of possible users grows, so do the applications. Many users also expect a transmission electron microscope (TEM) to be easy to use for their research and testing purposes. To meet these needs, JEOL has developed the JEM-120i as a next-generation microscope that is easy to use, from operation to maintenance, for both novice and experienced users.
From imaging cryogenic samples to elemental analysis of materials science samples, from high-throughput asbestos analysis using a quartet holder to teaching students, the JEM-120i easily handles any task.


Ultra-compact design

o The TEM's footprint of less than 1.5m² allows it to be operated in almost any laboratory.
o With a total height of 1.78m, samples can be changed while sitting.
o The enclosure makes the TEM significantly more robust against thermal fluctuations and acoustic influences.
o Optical design elements indicate the system status directly using different colors.
o The filament can be changed quickly and easily by the user using a cartridge system.

Easy handling

o From loading to a saved image in just a few steps:

  • START function increases the voltage and starts the emission.
  • After the full grid map has been automatically recorded, you can navigate to the desired location with a simple click.
  • Using the “Butler” function, an image is saved after automated beam optimization.
  • Sample change at the push of a button while emission remains activated.

o The TEM can be operated exclusively by mouse (and thus also remotely) – if desired with the proven control panels with configurable buttons / displays.
o Automatic switching between magnification modes using motorized apertures: Zoom over the entire magnification range using the mouse wheel!

Unlimited expandability

o Correlative workflows (CLEM) through popular “ retainer ” system (same sample holder tip for TEM and fluorescence microscopes)
o Numerous compatible sample holders, e.g. quartet holder, quick-clip holder, etc.
o Tomography software for automated tilt series acquisition, reconstruction, segmentation and visualization – from a single source!
o Energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) for element analysis and mappings
o Open platform for a variety of other manufacturers, e.g. for external cameras, sample holders, analysis systems, software, etc.



0.2nm (HC pole piece) or 0.14nm (HR pole piece)

Accelerating voltage

20kV to 120kV

Magnification range

x50 to x1.2 million (or x1.5 million)

Maximum tilt angle



• 4MP, 30fps JEOL NeoView
• 19MP, 58fps JEOL SightSKY
• Other Manufacturers

Electron Source

Tungsten or LaB6 emitter 

Dimensions (L/W/H)

1,734m / 0,84m / 1,782m

Number of specimens to load

Vacuum system

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