Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

JEOL JEM-2200FS Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope


JEOL JEM-2200FS Field Emission Transmission Electron Microscope

The JEOL JEM-2200FS is based on the JEM-2100F with an additional in-column energy filter (Omega type) integrated into the electron optics. This instrument is an optimally configured high-end TEM for energy filtered imaging. The JEM-2200FS provides optimal image quality and maximum analytical resolution in the class of the 200 kV TEMs. The Schottky field emission electron source delivers high, long-term stable currents for outstanding performance data even at extremely small beam diameters down to 0.05 nm. Different pole pieces allow for an optimal adaptation to the required application field.

The JEM-2200FS includes electron optics completely free of rotation which allows for the simplified allocation of TEM images and diffraction patterns. The patented JEOL Alpha Selector™ makes easy selection of the illumination conditions for the user possible, ranging from an extreme convergent beam to parallel illumination.

The newly designed side-entry goniometer with five-axis motorization permits programmable saving and recalling of positions. Piezo elements for the x/y motion of the goniometer are integrated as a standard for absolute jerk-free movement of the specimen.
The extremely stable goniometer has been specially designed for tomography with high tilt angles. The image series is acquired automatically using the optional JEOL tomography software TEMography™, a 3-D reconstruction is calculated and the reconstructed object is displayed using 3-D visualization software.

The Windows™ based user interface of the JEM-2200FS is intuitive, can be operated easily and offers remote control through the optional SIRIUS™ remote control system. The unique operating concept of the JEM-2200FS permits, for the first time, ergonomic working at the TEM during daylight. In addition, a separate positioning of the microscope and the user is possible. This provides a failure free operation of the TEM and comfortable working with the system, e.g. during training times.


Electron optics

Electron source

Field emissions source (Schottky)

Acceleration voltage

80 to 200 kV

Point resolution

up to 0.19 nm (UHR pole piece)

Line resolution

0.14 nm

Magnification range

x50 to max. x1,500,000
(depending on the pole piece)

Specimen stage


Side-entry goniometer

Stage movement

X: 2 mm
Y: 2 mm
Z: 0.4 mm (depending on the pole piece)
T: up to ±80° (depending on the pole piece and the specimen holder)

Options (selection)

  • Piezo elements for the x/y/z direction of the goniometer
    for absolute jerk-free movement of the specimen
  • STEM with HAADF
  • EDS systems
  • CCD cameras

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