Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

JEOL JEM-3200FSC Field Emission Transmission Cryo Electron Microscope


JEOL JEM-3200FSC Field Emission Transmission Cryo Electron Microscope

In contrast to the JEM-3200FS, the JEOL JEM-3200FSC is not only equipped with an in-column energy filter (Omega type) integrated into the electron optics, but also offers an additional liquid He-cooled side-entry goniometer.

The extremely stable goniometer has been specially designed for tomography with high tilt angles at low temperatures. The image series is acquired automatically using the optional JEOL tomography software TEMography™, a 3-D reconstruction is calculated and the reconstructed object is displayed using 3-D visualization software.

The Windows™ based user interface of the JEM-3200FSC is intuitive, can be operated easily and permits optional remote control.


Electron optics

Electron source

Field emissions source (Schottky)

Acceleration voltage

100 to 300 kV

Line resolution

0.204 nm (bei 18K and at RT)

Magnification range

x100 to max. x1,200,000

Specimen stage


Cryo-transfer side-entry goniometer

Stage tilt

up to ±70°

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