X-ray Microanalysis

JEOL JSX-1000S ElementEye™


JSX-1000S ElementEye™

The JSX-1000S is our latest development in benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. It has a sophisticated new design built for easy operation, high throughput and improved sensitivity. Take any sample type and get elemental composition in minutes. The intuitive multi-touch user interface simplifies operation with the look and feel of today’s smart phones and tablets.


  1. Simple Operation
    The JSX-1000S has the familiar feel of today’s personal electronic media. With its multi-touch screen interface, all the ‘Apps’ are at the operators fingertips. Once the specimen is set, switching between analysis and reporting is quick and easy. Keyboard and mouse control is also available for those that prefer a more traditional mode of operation.

  2. High Sensitivity & High Throughput
    A newly-designed silicon drift detector (SDD), available only from JEOL, as well as a new x-ray source deliver high throughput. Up to 9 filters are available for high sensitivity analyses over the entire energy range from Na to U.

  3. Providing Solutions
    Solution based software modules are available for a wide variety of applications such as RoHS/WEEE, Environmental, film thickness etc.

  4. Compact Design
    The space-conserving design of the main unit and the operating section make this system easy to install anywhere.

  5. Instrument Monitor Function
    The standard configuration includes a monitoring program to continuously monitor the condition of the instrument, as well as a notification function about updates of the instrument calibration.


Detection range

Mg to U
Na to U (Option)

X-ray generator

5 to 50 kV, 1mA



Primary filter Max. 9 types Automatic exchange

OPEN, ND, Cr, Pb, Cd
Cl, Cu, Mo, Sb (Option)

Collimator 3 types Automatic exchange

0.9 mm, 2 mm, 9 mm


Silicon Drift Detector

Specimen size

300 mm diameter x 80 mm high

Chamber atmosphere

Air/Vacuum (Option)

Chamber observation system

Color camera

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