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This SpiralTOF™ is a special MALDI-Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer. Its patented spiral ion optics provides a 17 m flight path in a very compact format. Therefore, the SpiralTOF™ sets new standards for performance and mass resolution. It is a must-have instrument for demanding analytical tasks in all fields of natural science research, such as biochemistry, material science, and polymer research.

The SpiralTOF™ is available in two different configurations. The standard MALDI-TOF MS comes with an additional linear TOF unit. It can optionally be combined with a TOF-TOF unit. This way you get exactly the right instrument to meet your requirements.

The unique ion optics of the SpiralTOF™, which was developed by JEOL, allows flight distances of 17 m. For this application, the ions circulate up to 8 times in the spiral design. During this operation, the ion packages are refocused during each circulation. This ensures a resolution above 75,000 (FWHM) over a very large mass range, even for extremely long flight paths.

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TOF-TOF mode

Linear TOF mode

Mass resolving power




Mass accuracy
(internal calibration)

< 1ppm(average error)


< 50ppm(peptide region)

Mass accuracy
(external calibration)

< 10ppm(average error)




< 500 amol

< 5 fmol

< 500 amol

Mass range

m/z 4-30,000

±0.1 Da

m/z 4-500,000

Precursor ion selectivity*4


> 2,500


Precursor ion selectivity range


m/z 100-4,000


*1 Positive ion detection mode: ACTH fragment 1-17[M+H]+: m/z 2093.1 mass resolving power
*2 Angiotensin Ⅰ [M+H]+: m/z 1296.7 mass resolving power
*3 Angiotensin Ⅱ [M+H]+: m/z 1046.5 sensitivity
*4 Selection of mono-isotopic ions is possible at ACTH fragment 18-39[M+H]+

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