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The following input screen offers the possibility to register for the personalized online area within the website of JEOL (Germany) GmbH. After registration you will receive an email, requesting you to confirm your application for registration. Please note that no earlier than after your confirmation your data may be communicated to JEOL (Germany) GmbH for verification

The particulars marked with a star * are mandatory fields - all further information is provided on a voluntary basis. After the a. m. confirmation of the application for registration the data and particulars you have entered into the input screen will be communicated to JEOL (Germany) GmbH in an unencrypted manner for verification and stored in the systems of JEOL (Germany) GmbH.

The verification of your application for registration is normally done within one working day, verification on Sundays and holidays is not possible. If the application for registration was successful, you will be notified by a separate email. Subsequently you will have immediate access to the personalized online area by means of your login data.

JEOL (Germany) GmbH expressly reserves the right to refuse applications for registration. In case of a refusal no access to the personalized online area is possible despite the registration.

The password must be at least eight characters in length and one of the characters must be a number.

I have read the data privacy statement.
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