Earth sciences, mineral resources, energy, resources
Earth sciences, mineral resources, energy, resources

Earth sciences, mineral resources, energy and other resources

The earth sciences deal with the physical and chemical processes that affect the earth. Such processes take place on both a macroscopic as well as a microscopic level. A detailed insight into these structures helps us to better understand and interpret the internal processes and developments of the earth and its geological history. Such findings allow, among other things, the optimisation of the mining and extraction of mineral resources and raw materials.

In terms of a sustainable energy industry, the reclamation of raw materials is playing an increasingly important role in the global raw material cycle. In this respect, the exact chemical classification is of vital importance.

JEOL solutions support you in these types of tasks by characterising and analysing solid, liquid and gaseous materials. JEOL is a leader in the innovative energy carriers sector, and supplies unique solutions for determining the concentration and dynamics of lithium and its compounds.

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