XPS and Auger Analysis

JEOL JPS-9030 Photoelectron Spectrometer


JEOL JPS-9030 Photoelektronen-Spektrometer

The JPS-9030 is equipped with a newly-designed user interface that further improves operability and also debuts a sophisticated, modern and sleek exterior design.


  1. Improved depth profiling
    The newly-developed Kaufman-type etching ion source provides etching rates from 1 nm/min to 100 nm/min (SiO2 equivalent), and allows a wide range of settings. It is capable of depth profiles suitable for any application, from measurements demanding precision to processes that require speed. The mounting of the Kaufman-type etching ion source to the specimen exchange chamber prevents the contamination of the measurement chamber.

  2. Newly-developed software provides even greater ease-of-use
    SpecSurf Ver. 2.0 now incorporates a ribbon-style GUI, offering a user-friendly environment in which all operations can be performed with the mouse. With JEOL’s own automatic qualitative analysis function, it is possible to sequentially perform qualitative, quantitative and chemical state analyses for multiple acquisition points.

  3. Ultra-high surface sensitivity
    The JPS-9030 supports techniques like Angle-Resolved XPS (ARXPS) and Total Reflection XPS (TRXPS), and is capable of ultra-high sensitive analysis of the top surfaces of 1 nm (standard measurement method 6 nm or more).


(Mg Kα, 300W equivalent)

1,000,000 cps or more (at Ag 3d5/2 FWHM is 1.0 eV)

X-ray source

Mg/Al twin anode

Input-lens system

Cylindrical electrostatic lens

Energy analyzer

Electrostatic hemispherical analyzer

Energy sweep method

Constant Analyzer Energy (CAE) and Constant Retard Ratio (CRR)


Multichannel plate

Ion gun

Kaufman type ion gun

Base pressure

7×10-8 Pa or better

Bake-out system

Built-in heater, automatic control


  • Monochromatic X-ray sources
  • Argon gas cluster ion source suitable for organic samples
  • Infra-red heating system capable up to temperatures of 1,000 °C or higher
  • Transfer vessel to protect specimens from exposure to the atmosphere

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