XPS and Auger Analysis
XPS and Auger Analysis

Range of application

JEOL XPS and auger analysis systems make it possible to examine and determine the chemistry of surfaces and surface contaminations with great sensitivity. Depending on the required lateral resolution, the photoelectrons are excited by (monochromatic) x-rays (XPS) or electrons (auger). Both systems use JEOL's hemispherical analyzer, which is up to five times more sensitive than conventional systems. This makes it possible to display even trace elements in high-resolution element mapping images. In addition to this, the hemispherical analyzer also makes it possible to display bonding states (chemical shift) in mapping images.

Thanks to an additional Ar+ ion source, both the JEOL XPS and the auger systems can be extended into systems for depth profile analysis.


  • Extremely high surface sensitivity in element analysis
  • High-resolution imaging and mapping
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Depth profile analysis, even for trace elements

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