X-ray Microanalysis
X-ray Microanalysis

Range of application

JEOL supplies a range of powerful x-ray microanalysis solutions in the fields of energy dispersive (EDX), wavelength dispersive (WDX) and light element (SXES) analytics. Not only is SXES analysis capable of precisely detecting very light elements and trace element analysis, it can also examine bonding states (chemical shift).

Thanks to their compact structure and ease of operation, JEOL x-ray fluorescence systems can be used in all areas of modern analytics, from pollutant analysis and RoHS inspection to layer thickness measurement. JEOL customises analytics solutions that enable even less experienced operators to use the system for a multitude of demanding problems.


  • Extremely high sensitivity and energy resolution
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Flexible scope of analysis
  • Solution-oriented approach

Detailed solutions

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