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JEOL (Germany) GmbH
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Dr. Siegfried Falch, Akihiro Kobayashi

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Registered at the commercial register in Munich
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Responsible for the content of the web-presence ""
Dr. Siegfried Falch, managing director of JEOL (Germany) GmbH


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All information and statements provided in these web pages are non-binding. JEOL (Germany) GmbH cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of the content. No guarantees are made and no assurance of product characteristics is provided. No legal claims can be based on the content of the web pages. Content errors are corrected immediately upon discovery. Due to delays in the update process, it is not possible to ensure that the content of the web pages is current at all times. Therefore, please inquire as to status, technical details, and details concerning delivery and availability for the products or services. Links to other web pages are not permanently controlled. Therefore, we assume no responsibility for the content of linked pages.

Downloading of data and software:

JEOL (Germany) GmbH cannot guarantee that any particular data and software downloaded from web pages is free of errors. The software is checked by JEOL (Germany) GmbH for malicious viruses. Nonetheless, we recommend that you check data and software after download for any malicious viruses using current virus protection software.

Copyrights and other special protection rights:

The content of these web pages is copyright protected. A copy of the information on the web pages may be made to a single computer for non-commercial and personal internal use. Graphics, texts, logos, images, etc., may only be downloaded, copied, changed, published, transmitted, transferred or used in any other way with written approval by JEOL (Germany) GmbH. Listed product or company names may be registered trademarks or brands. Unauthorized use is subject to damage claims and forbearance claims.

Protection of personal data and confidentiality:

We cannot guarantee that information or personal data that is transmitted to us is secure from access by third parties during transmission.


JEOL (Germany) GmbH is not liable for damages, in particular for indirect or direct subsequent damage, data loss, lost profit, system or production failures resulting from the use of these web pages or from downloading data. The liability exclusion is not applicable if the damage arising from use of the web pages or from downloading data was intentional or due to gross negligence. The legal relationship between you and JEOL (Germany) GmbH based on the use of the web pages is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of JEOL (Germany) GmbH in Freising in case of lawsuits with qualified merchants resulting from use of the web pages.

Explanations about data protection:

Normally you can access any web page at JEOL (Germany) GmbH without being required to provide personal information. If your name, your address, or other personal data is required in specific cases, then you will be informed in advance. Your personal usage data is used to make the service of JEOL (Germany) GmbH as comfortable as possible and to improve it.
If you agree to provide personal data to JEOL (Germany) GmbH over the Internet, e.g. so that your communication can be processed or an order can be fulfilled, the data will be diligently handled in accordance with the strict regulations of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) (German Data Protection Act).
JEOL (Germany) GmbH obtains usage data based on page visits and this data is saved for security purposes and may in some cases be used for purposes of identification (e.g. IP addresses, dates, times, and pages viewed). The data will be analyzed by JEOL (Germany) GmbH and webanalytics to obtain information on user behavior and statistics.This is used to ensure compliance with the strict security standards of the Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz (TDDSG) (Tele Services Data Protection Act) and the Datenschutzverordnung für Telekommunikationsunternehmen (TDSV) (Data Protection Ordinance for Telecommunication Companies) during all activities. No use is made of personal data. We reserve the right to use anonymous data records for statistical purposes. Additional information on data protection in the Federal Republic of Germany is available at:

Sharing of personal information with third parties:

To the extent that data must be shared with service providers in the course of handling order data, this information is subject to the BDSG, other legal regulations, and the Privacy Policy of JEOL (Germany) GmbH. In the event that JEOL (Germany) GmbH is legally obligated or is ordered by a court to do so, JEOL (Germany) GmbH will share your information with the authorized parties within the required scope.
JEOL (Germany) GmbH will not share your information with third parties for other purposes without your explicit agreement.


JEOL (Germany) GmbH stores your data on highly secure servers. Access is only possible for persons authorized by JEOL (Germany) GmbH, who are responsible for the technical, commercial or editorial maintenance of these servers.

Right to revocation:

If you request that JEOL (Germany) GmbH no longer use your personal data for future contact with you and/or that the data be deleted, this request will be honored. Data that is absolutely necessary for order processing or for commercial purposes is exempt from cancellation or deletion.
Please remember that it is no longer possible to provide personalized service in the event of data revocation as that is based on access to customer data.

Use of cookies:

Cookies are used to collect text information during an online meeting and they will be stored in a special file in ASCII format (cookie.txt) on the hard drive of the user. The user's browser determines where the cookies are saved locally. Cookies continue information that is sent back to the server on the next online visit. They can only be read by the server that previously saved them.
JEOL (Germany) GmbH uses cookies only where they are necessary for user functions and webanalytics and/or where they simplify user navigation on the web pages.The information will not be made available to third parties as cookies are only used for the above-mentioned purposes.
Most browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically. However, this function can be deactivated in the browser at any time. You can configure your browser to inform you before cookies are sent.

The websites of JEOL (Germany) GmbH may include links to other websites. JEOL (Germany) GmbH has no influence over the editorial content of external websites and cannot guarantee that its operating company adheres to the data security regulations.


The websites of JEOL (Germany) GmbH are generally free of advertisements. Where this is not the case, ads will be delivered via external ad servers. Data obtained for purposes of online advertising (ad impressions, clicks) is exclusively used for statistical analysis and for generating reports to advertising customers. In this case no personal data is used.
Cookies may be used for delivery of ads where their use is outside the influence of JEOL (Germany) GmbH.

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