Second-hand Equipment

Second-hand Equipment

A selection of JEOL second-hand equipment is listed below.
Please contact us if you have questions about specific instruments or prices.


JEOL Multi Beam System from our applications laboratory.


  • High resolution SEM observation
  • Fast analysis
  • High speed processing
  • Enhanced detection system
  • Versatile application spectrum
  • Three-dimensional observation/analysis
  • Compatible transfer solutions
  • Picture overlay system


Easy-to-operate preparation system for the production of specimen cross-sections for SEM, EPMA and auger applications.
JEOL Cross section polisher IB-19530CP from our applications laboratory


Improvements to facilitate fast and easy processing of a wide range of materials include:

  • High throughput: high-speed ion source and auto start function
  • Auto processing programs: High-speed processing and finishing, intermittent processing
  • Ease of setup: through modularized function holder
  • Multi-purpose stage for planar surface milling and polishing and ion beam sputter coating
  • Highly-durable shield

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