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In science and technical production processes, electron optical systems are fully established as standard tools. The improved ease of use and extended analytical capabilities of modern instrument generations render them indispensable in state-of-the-art laboratories. On the other hand, scientific questions have become more and more complex over the last couple of years. It is therefore no longer sufficient to carry out measurement procedures in a pre-defined manner – one rather has to carefully select preparation techniques, system parameters and detectors in a suitable and problem-oriented way. This is certainly not an easy task in a constantly changing environment.

Especially in production industries – e.g. in quality control or incoming goods inspection – limited resources and the selection of inappropriate methods can easily distort decision-relevant results.

We support you with these challenging tasks and provide help throughout the entire chain of processes:

  • Analysis of the basic questions: Which problems and parameters have to be solved?
  • Correct choice of the scientific methods: How can the parameters be measured?
  • Measurements and analyses in our demo laboratory
  • Evaluation of analysis quality: Are the results trustworthy?
  • Development of best practices: How can we ensure reproducibility?

Tell us which challenges you have to tackle and our experts will work with you on proper solutions. Find out with us which analytical methods are successful and most time-efficient to get the job done in your lab.

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