X-ray Microanalysis

Energy dispersive X-ray Analytics (EDS) - JEOL JED-2300 Analysis Station


Energy dispersive X-ray Analytics (EDS) - JEOL JED-2300 Analysis Station

An integrated X-ray micro-analytics system is in many cases part of the standard equipment of a state-of-the-art scanning or transmission electron microscope.

JEOL has developed a dedicated analysis system for the electron beam microprobes of the JXA series. It has been used successfully in this area for many years, and can now also be offered for JEOL scanning and transmission electron microscopes as a fully integrated system.
The advantages are obvious: the EDS system is optimally adapted to the microscope and is fully integrated into the operation. This permits a seamless change between analytical and imaging technologies.

The JEOL EDS systems offer many special features. The sensitivity of the JEOL detectors is in many cases higher than for conventional systems due to the use of an unsupported window system.
In addition, the patented JEOL mini detectors allow cooling only when required, combined with an extremely low contamination detector system.
The Mini Cup Dewar is evacuated during each cooling cycle using the vacuum system of the SEM, ice contamination of the detector is permanently prevented.
The high sensitivity of the detectors is conserved unchanged for many years.


  • JED-2300 for JEOL (low vacuum) scanning electron microscopes
  • JED-2300F for JEOL field emission scanning electron microscopes
  • JED-2300T for JEOL transmission electron microscopes

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