Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM)

JEOL JEM-F200 Multi-purpose Electron Microscope


JEOL JEM-F200 Multi-purpose Electron Microscope

JEM-F200 is a multi-purpose electron microscope of the new generation to meet today's diversified needs.

A user-oriented, integrated control environment has been developed while simultaneously boosting performance and implementing a variety of new functions.


  1. Smart design
    The JEM-F200 has a new, stylish appearance. It incorporates a newly developed intuitive user interface specifically designed for analytical electron microscopy.
    It also features outstanding mechanical and electrical stability, which reflects JEOL’s engineering expertise accumulated over the last decadeds.

  2. Quad-Lens condenser system
    Today’s electron microscopes are required to support a wide range of imaging techniques from bright field/dark field TEM to STEM that uses a variety of detectors. The JEM-F200, with its new 4-stage probe-forming optical system, (Quad-Lens condenser) controls the electron beam intensity and the convergence angle independently to respond to different research requirements.

  3. Advanced Scan system
    The JEM-F200 incorporates a new scanning system, which is capable of scanning the electron beam in the image forming system (optional), in addition to the standard scanning system for the probe-forming system. This enables the acquisition of wide field STEM-EELS.

  4. Pico Stage Drive
    The JEM-F200 uses a Pico Stage Drive, which is capable of driving the stage in pico meter steps without a piezo drive, and moving the area of view in a wide dynamic range from an entire sample grid down to atomic dimensions.

  5. Specporter (auto holder loading/unloading device)
    Loading/unloading of a specimen holder has been considered a difficult part of operation, especially for beginners.
    The JEM-F200 incorporates a new device, Specporter, to facilitate automated loading and unloading of the specimen holder by one single click.

  6. Improved cold FEG
    The JEM-F200 supports an optional cold field emission electron gun.
    High stability, high brightness, and high energy resolution, the cold field emission electron gun enables chemical bonding analysis by EELS, speeds up the analytical process by the high brightness of the electron beam, and minimizes chromatic aberrations from the electron source for high resolution imaging.

  7. Dual SDD
    The JEM-F200 optionally supports up to two highly sensitive large silicon drift detectors (SDD).
    With extremely large solid angles high speed EDS analyses are possible even for beam sensitive samples.

  8. Environmentally friendly
    The JEM-F200 incorporates an energy saving system ECO mode as standard for the first time in any transmission electron microscope. The ECO mode is designed to maintain the optimum conditions of the microscope at a minimum level of energy consumption when it is not in operation.
    The ECO mode can reduce the energy consumption to approximately 1/5 of the normal operation mode.
    Its scheduling function can restore the original conditions at any specified point of time.


Resolution *1

Point to point 0.19 nm
TEM lattice image 0.10 nm
STEM-HAADF image 0.14 nm

Magnification *1

TEM: ×20 to ×2.0 M
STEM: ×200 to ×150 M

Electron gun

Schottky field emission gun or Cold field emission gun

Accelerating voltage *2

20 to 200 kV

Max. specimen tilt angle

±80° (with Specimen High Tilting Holder)

* 1 When CF-UHR is configured.
* 2 Standard voltages are 200 kV and 80 kV.


  • Up to 2 energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer systems (EDS)
  • Electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS)
  • Digital cameras

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