X-ray Microanalysis

JEOL SXES - Soft X-Ray Emission Spectrometer


JEOL SXES - Soft X-Ray Emission Spectrometer

The SXES is a powerful high energy resolution spectrometer for light element analysis. It is designed for use with the microprobe as part of an integrated analytical system or stand-alone detector. Use of the SXES enables low voltage analysis at <1kV, spectral mapping with high energy resolution, fast parallel detection, and chemical state analysis.

  • High Energy Resolution Spectral Mapping
    The SXES allows for direct observation of the Li-K emission for the first time. It is even capable of mapping the different chemical states within a Li-battery that result from different degrees of charging. Two different Li-K emission lines can be mapped. The intensity of the lower energy Li-K line corresponds to the degree of charging, and the higher energy Li-K line corresponds to the amount of metallically bonded Li.

  • Fast Parallel Detection
    A newly developed aberration corrected grating system and a high sensitivity X-ray CCD allow the SXES to simultaneously collect a full energy spectrum.

  • Chemical State Analysis
    With the SXES, chemical state analysis is comparable to that of XPS or EELS. The SXES has an energy resolution of only 0.3 eV, as demonstrated using the Fermi-edge of the Al-L emission of Al metal.

  • Li Detection: Peak shape in compounds
    In metallic Li, a single K-line is detected. In Li-compounds, an additional satellite peak can occur depending on the occupancy of the valence band.


  • Excellent light element detection (suitable for Li)
  • Ideal for chemical shift analysis of light elements – critical for battery research
  • Superb sensitivity - a few 10s of ppm B in steel
  • Energy range – 50eV to 210eV)
  • Extreme resolution of 0.3eV
  • No moving parts - high stability and reproducibility
  • Part of an integrated analytical system or as a stand-alone detector
  • Easy to use spectral mapping


Energy resolution:

0.3eV at the Fermi Edge of Al-L of AI metal

Energy range:

JS50XL 50-170eV (approx, 700eV with high order X-rays)

Energy range:

JS200N 70-210eV (approx, 800eV with high order X-rays)

Applicable instruments:

JXA-8530F, JXA-8230, JXA-8500F, JXA-8100, JXA-8200, JSM-7xxx series


CCD camera operation:

Software for CCD operation

Data converter:

Data conversion to EPMA data format for data processing by EPMA Viewer

Calibration for spectrometer:

Energy calibration for spectrometer

XES Mapping:

Spectrum mapping of XES (Map, line and point analysis mode)

XES Reconstructor:

Reconstruct the map for other ROI form stored spectrum map

Calibration curve (Option):

Trace element analysis for light elements

EPMA data viewer:

This software is dedicated to data display

Comparison of SXES - WDS - EDS



0,3 eV

8 eV

129 eV

Chemical-State Analysis




Parallel detection




Detection device



SDD, SiLi,

Cooling system


Not needed



20 ppm (@B)

100 ppm (@B)

0,1 % (@B)

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